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Energy Efficiency

Prices of energy sources are soaring high and continuing on the rising curve while competition is driving businesses off-shore; the only way through this is still to cut the costs of production and operations. Farewell parties are becoming a common industry practice of cost reduction. Loss of human power and expertise is a formula to opt-out of business.

Smart management knows that “waste” is abundant in every aspect in any business. Japanese concept of continuous improvement “Kaizen” used at world class manufacturers such as Toyota simply remind us with the basic teachings of our grandparents to save our resources. It’s a very old wisdom which yet can be taught for ages to come.

How many extra lumens do we spend lighting empty spaces? How much KWh do we consume heating/cooling empty offices? How many machines are running on full power while unloaded or partially loaded? And many similar questions that need to be asked will tell smart managers where to look for savings.

At ADVANtech we help our partners see those low-hanging fruits. We measure, improve, compare, and then measure again to continue to improve; this is what Kaizen means in Japanese. ADVANtech experts aren’t only equipped with the engineering knowledge and best tools, our experts have the philosophy well absorbed in their minds to help our partners actually win the battle with the minimum

investments. Several companies can claim the best automated system controlling inputs/outputs of various operations, but rare are those who can see the benefits of simplicity.
At ADVANtech we offer our partners the tools and most importantly our expertise in reducing their energy bills to help them keep a competitive edge.